What we do
Bright Ivy is a full-service marketing agency, working with high profile musicians and arts organisations to boost their marketing activities. We have experience of working with marketing spends of up to £120,000 per year and pride ourselves on achieving a tangible, results-driven service for our clients.

Whether the goal is to help build a larger audience, produce more interesting content, implement a print advertising campaign, or simply supplement social media efforts to gain more engagement from your followers, we are proud to offer marketing packages tailored to your specific objectives.

When combined with our Design Consultancy services, Bright Ivy is capable of running fully integrated marketing for organisations or individuals. Placing your trust in an agency to carry out marketing on your behalf can be daunting, but with a combination of analytic know-how and creative flair, Bright Ivy’s structured approach means we work alongside our clients to clearly define their marketing strategy and deliver measurable results.

We undertake marketing work in the followings areas:

Social media marketing
Blog creation and management
Content marketing services
Print advertising campaigns
Website content and copywriting
Crowdfunding campaigns
Website design
​Photography and Videography